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The TAMUctf, a competitive cybersecurity Capture the Flag (CTF), team began in fall of 2016, but is already making strides to expand the previous boundaries set by other CTF developers. The TAMUctf team is made of a small number of students from the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club. One of the Cybersecurity Club’s faculty advisors, Dr. Daniel Ragsdale, stated that “it is important to note the most well respected cybersecurity programs in higher education are all built on a foundation of excellence in teaching and research. With very few exceptions, these schools also have highly skilled cyber competitive teams. Through our efforts, our goal is move to the forefront alongside those elite institutions.”

TAMUctf will host their own CTF tournament, an online competition consisting of a series of challenging problems meant to test the cybersecurity skills of the players. The team lead of TAMUctf, Victor “Nate” Graf, stated that the event “gives students a chance to apply real cybersecurity skills going far beyond what they learn in the classroom to make an impact on the industry.”

It is the goal of the team to not only host the CTF competition, but to also contribute to the state of the art and state of the practice. CTF competitions typically consist of problems of reverse engineering, web exploits, forensics, and cryptography, however TAMUctf is developing a new technology termed “Naumachia2” to simulate network exploits as well. This technology will give seamless connections to the user to give them the full experience of man-in-the-middle attacks.

TAMUctf hopes to contribute to the education of cybersecurity by offering professors the use of this technology to use in their classrooms. “This will greatly speed up learning and give not only theoretical, but practical experience as well” said Graf.

TAMUctf will open their competition beginning on April 12th. Both individuals and teams are welcome to compete. For more information, please contact and visit