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Test your mettle while developing and polishing your reverse-engineering skills.


Dakota State University (DSU) and the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK) is hosting a 5 day reverse engineering (RE) capture-the-flag (CTF). The competition will start at 8am central on Monday, March 27th and end on Friday, March 31st at 10am central. The challenges will test a variety of skills necessary for any reverse engineer and all skill levels are welcome to apply. The challenges are arranged in categories, with increasingly more difficult challenges in each category. The initial challenges are designed to develop, or test, basic skills and progress to intermediate and then advanced challenges. If you take on the challenge you might have to reverse PDFs, .NET binaries, obfuscated PHP, Javascript, x86, x64,C++, PE, ELF, Mach-O, and so on.

Go to to find more information and sign-up for updates.

Further instructions will be posted there when the competition goes live.


If you have any questions please email


Participants will receive instructions on where to download the challenges at the start of the competition if signed-up for the newsletter. Additionally, instructions will be available at at the start of the competition. This is a virtual event, you are not required to be present in order to participate and do not need to register in advance.


Challenges will be assigned a point value based off of the difficulty. Total points awarded will be calculated using the point value from the challenge and the time of submission (for a correct answer). Point value decreases as the competition progresses. An overall score board will be maintained and accessible throughout the competition. Scoring is subject to change and will be documented on the site.


This is an individual competition, any indications of cheating will result in dismissal.


You will be required to provide your own environment in order to complete the challenges. As some challenges may have originated from a malicious source, the user of virtualization is suggested (VMWare Player, VirtualBox, etc). We also recommend that you have the following tools available at the start of the competition:

  • IDA Pro
  • Ollydbg
  • Windbg
  • CFF Explorer
  • Hex Workshop
  • ILSpy


  • Practical Malware Analysis
  • IDA Pro Book
  • Practical Reverse Engineering
  • x86 Instruction Set Architecture
  • Not sure if you’re ready?

Here are some recommended resources to help you get started.

  • This is an online ethical hacking, security and network challenge platform. You can subscribe to the free ‘Hacking Challenges’, which include a variety of reverse engineering challenges.
  • ( – Provides a series of progressively more advanced applicaiton challenges.
  • Spend some time reading, and understanding, the following articles:

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