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The Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center partners closely, both internally and externally, with a variety of cybersecurity research facilitators.

Due to the vast, state of the art testing capabilities at Texas A&M, cybersecurity research can be conducted on a wide range of facilities throughout the campus including in the following areas:

  • Smart Grid Center
  • Land Air & Space (LASR) Robotics Lab
  • Next Generation 911
  • Texas Transportation Institute

The University has long since enjoyed mutually beneficial partnerships with leading federal agencies, national laboratories, research institutes, industry partners and foundations for the purpose of advancing research. The following entities represent the partners we are currently working with on a broad range of cybersecurity research:

Federal Agencies – NSA, NSF, DoD, DoE, DHS, DARPA

National Laboratories Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Los Alamos

Research Institutes – SwRI

For Profit Industry – General Motors, PwC,

Foundations – The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation