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The Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center believes in partnering with a variety of cybersecurity education stakeholders, both within the Texas A&M System and with the broader academic community.

Texas A&M University provides a wealth of academic and research entities for the Cybersecurity Center to partner with, which in turn enables a wide range of cybersecurity educational offerings and focuses. These relationships reinforce the interdisciplinary nature of relevant cybersecurity educational solutions.
The Bush School

The Cybersecurity Center works closely with the Bush School of Government and Public Service on convening cybersecurity experts to discuss cybersecurity policy and national security. The Bush School offers a Certificate in Homeland Security, which addresses our nation’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Learn more about the Bush School at

College of Education and Human Development
The Cybersecurity Center partners with the College of Education and Human Development in assisting with summer STEM camps that address interesting cybersecurity topics. Additionally, the Center has co-authored cybersecurity education grants to better train Texas K-12 teachers on their mastery of prescribed cybersecurity knowledge units.

College of Engineering
The Texas A&M College of Engineering is widely considered a nationally ranked top five, premier engineering institution. The Cybersecurity Center partners closely across the spectrum of engineering departments, enabling a myriad of cybersecurity research and education projects, with special emphasis on computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering focuses.

Interdisciplinary Education – Cybersecurity Minor

The Cybersecurity Center successfully partnered with 6 Texas A&M University Colleges and Schools, representing 8 different academic departments in offering an interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Minor Field of Study to meet the growing demands for cybersecurity professionals and reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of cyber defense.

The Texas A&M University Colleges who support the Cybersecurity Minor are:

  • Mays Business School
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Education and Human Development
  • College of Science
  • College of Liberal Arts
Texas A&M University – Galveston, Maritime Studies
The Cybersecurity Center has recently engaged with Maritime Studies, and will be a contributor on an important Maritime Cybersecurity Center Grant.

Texas A&M System Schools

The Cybersecurity Center considers its access to the broad network of sister schools in the Texas A&M System to be a strength. Not only does the system provide a means to broaden and expand the reach of our programs, but it conversely allows us a means to partner with and learn from these affiliated organizations. The 11 universities that comprise the Texas A&M System include:

TEEX – Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

One of the Texas A&M organizations providing valuable cybersecurity training to the broader community is the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). In January 2010, TEEX, in partnership with DHS/FEMA, began addressing cybersecurity awareness needs through the delivery of 10 online cybersecurity courses for IT management and professionals. Beginning in 2012, offerings were expanded to include face to face training addressing a range of challenges including the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

In January 2013, TEEX co-founded the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium (NCPC). The NCPC assists the whole community, including individual citizens, community leaders and first responders of all disciplines, to prepare for, detect and respond to cyber related issues and challenges. Learn more about TEEX’s course offerings and other capabilities at

Texas A&M University enjoys meaningful partnerships with leading cybersecurity academic institutions around the country. These partnerships underscore the need for the nation’s brightest and best to work together in identifying meaningful security solutions for the growing threat of global cyber-crime.

The Cybersecurity Center is currently partnering with the following institutions on developing and sharing cybersecurity knowledge and skills.